§1. General provisions
1. Definitions:
Service Provider – Centrum Terapii Dialog spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.j., ul. Stryjeńskich 19/18U, 02-791 Warszawa
Patient Portal – the website operated by the Service Provider at:
Regulations  – these regulations governing the services provided electronically by the Service Provider
User – a natural person having full legal capacity to make acts in the law, who (i) has registered on the website, or (ii) has made an appointment with a Specialist by via the Patient Portal
Specialist – an employee of the Service Provider who is a doctor / psychologist / therapist or any other person not mentioned above that performs acts in the scope of health services, provides health care or medical services.
Registration – the process of creating an Account
Account – an entry in the Patient Portal’s database concerning Users or which results in access to specific Services
Service – a service provided electronically consisting of sending and receiving data by means of public ICT systems at the individual request of the client – User without the physical presence of the client.


§2. The rules for making remote appointments

  1. At the DIALOG Therapy Centre, remote appointments (conducted online or by phone) require payment within 30 minutes of booking the appointment.
  1. Failure to pay for an appointment within 30 minutes of booking results in cancellation. The Patient will be informed about the cancellation by SMS on the number provided during the booking process.

§3. Rules for postponing or cancelling remote appointments

  1. Patients may change the time or cancel a scheduled appointment free of charge up to 48 hours in advance.
  1. In accordance with Section 1, cancellations may be made on the Patient Portal, by phone during the clinic’s hours of operation at 22 436 83 50 or by e-mail during the clinic’s hours of operation at
  1. Appointments can not be postponed within 48 hours of the scheduled time.
  1. In the event of cancelling an appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled time, Patients bear the full cost and are not entitled to a refund.
  1. Making and paying for an appointment within 48 hours of its scheduled time results in being unable to postpone the appointment, and in the case of cancellation, Patients bear the full cost.


§4. The rules for refunding the costs of scheduled appointments

  1. Refunds for missed appointments are possible only when the Patient cancels up to 48 hours in advance.
  1. Refunds for remote appointments in accordance with these Regulations occur within 7 days following the cancellation:
  2. a) by transfer to the bank account from which it was paid – in the case of payment on the Patient Portal, 
  3. b) by transfer to the bank account provided to the Patient Service Department assistant during the cancellation – in the case of another form of payment not mentioned in subsection b). 
  4. In the event that a bank account number referred to in Section 2 Subsection b) of these Regulations has not been provided, payment for the appointment will be marked as an extra payment and may be put towards a payment for another visit, service or product at the DIALOG Therapy Centre.
  5. If the DIALOG Therapy Centre has cancelled an appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled time, the Patient is entitled to a full refund.
  6. Patients should be prepared for their scheduled appointment. If they cannot be reached within 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time, despite attempts to connect with the Patient, this will prevent the appointment from taking place. In such cases, the Patient is not entitled to a refund.  
  7. In the event that an appointment is delayed over 30 minutes caused by a DIALOG Therapy Centre specialist, Patients may inform the Patient Service Department of their decision to cancel the appointment and are simultaneously entitled to a refund.


§5. Terms and Condition
  1. The Service Provider will provide Services including: providing access to the search engine for available appointment dates with Specialists cooperating with the DIALOG Therapy Centre, making it possible to book an appointment with specialists cooperating with the DIALOG Therapy Centre, making it possible to fill out consent forms needed to deliver medical records online, making it possible to order medical records from the DIALOG Therapy Centre, providing access to codes for e-prescriptions and recommendations
  2. Access to all services provided on the Patient Portal is free of charge.
  3. Booking appointments with a Specialist requires providing your first name, last name, phone number and PESEL number,
  4. All Users can book an appointment with a Specialist on the Patient Portal provided that verification of the User’s cell phone number can be made by entering the code that is sent to the phone number provided by the User each time an appointment is made.
  5. Booking an appointment with a Specialist is possible only in the case that the User has expressed explicit consent for the Service Provider to process his/her personal data concerning his/her health condition (Art. 9 (2)(a) of Regulation 679/2016 of GDPR) and to share that personal data with a selected Specialist. The Service Provider informs that failure to provide consent to process the User’s personal data precludes the possibility of making appointments on the Patient Portal.
  6. The User creates an account on the Patient Portal by making an appointment in the system. For the purposes of Registration, the User fills out the form available at:, providing the following information: First name, last name, phone number, e-mail address and PESEL number,
  7. When registering, the User creates a password needed to log into the system.
  8. After logging into the system, the User will be able to book appointments, view previous appointments, cancel and pay for appointments.
  9. The Service Provider ensures the User access to his/her personal information and the possibility to correct and supplement it on their Patient Portal account or by contacting the DIALOG Therapy Centre’s Patient Service Department.
  10. The User is responsible for the security and confidentiality of his/her password to the Profile. The Service Provider is not liable for unauthorized access to a User’s Account resulting from a third party accessing the password. In the event of suspicion that a password has been disclosed to a third party, the User undertakes to change his/her password immediately or contact the Service Provider for this purpose.
  11. The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure the proper operation of the Service and assist in solving problems related to its functioning.
  12. The User is able to make payments for all his/her appointments on the Patient Portal.
  13. Remote appointments (so-called “online” or “telephone consultations”) must be paid for on the Patient Portal (by transfer, Blik or credit card).In the event of non-payment, the appointment will be removed from the system (in the case of therapeutic contracts, non-payment or cancelling appointments contrary to the provisions contained in the contract results in the Patient bearing the cost of the appointment).
  14. In the case of paying for remote appointments, the User declares that if the paid appointment will not take place at the set time due to the User’s absence or due to technical issues on the User’s side (e.g. not logging onto Patient Portal at the set time, no Internet access) – the User is not entitled to a refund for the appointment. 
  15. When booking a remote appointment, the User or Service Provider are obliged to use video and/or audio equipment. The equipment is to ensure a good quality connection. The User declares that he/she possesses the appropriate devices, software and Internet connection that enables him/her to use the service.
  16. Patient appointments are booked for a specific date and time. Due to their specific nature, appointments with a specialist may be extended. As a result, we request that Patients reserve additional time if they have to wait due to an extended appointment. Thank you for your understanding.
  17. The User accepts the fact that appointments booked on the Portal may not take place in exceptional circumstances due to technical issues. In such cases, a person representing the Service Provider (Patient Service Department) will contact the User and set up another time for the appointment.
  18. Reservations, comments, suggestions and errors on the website may be directed in written form to:
  19. All matters not regulated in the Regulations shall be governed by the Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means, the Act on Copyright and Related Rights and the Polish Civil Code.

§6. Opinions  published on

  1. Opinions must be approved prior to publication.
  2. All opinions are placed on our website
  3. Opinions are not published only in the event that the Service Provider or another person considers its content a violation of their rights, personal rights, decency, feelings, morality, the principles of fair competition, legally protected secrets or that the opinion does not describe the events concerning the Service Provider.

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